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A Different Kind of Movers

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Your mover service should go above and beyond your expectations, and with Solid Movers, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We know it can be difficult to find the right kind of movers, and we’re here to set your mind at ease—we’re more than just movers!

Movers For The Rented Apartment

Many people know about a moving company that does mover services for homeowners. But how many apartment dwellers realize that there are also movers for renters? Many of them don’t. After all, these apartment movers aren’t out there advertising on TV or in magazines. They exist solely as an answer to a problem: helping you move your stuff into an apartment without making a mess of your walls or your floors and doing it at a price that beats renting a truck. That’s right—you can have a moving company help you move your things into an apartment. All they need is three hours (or less) to get everything moved, and they take care of any necessary repairs afterward.

Movers For The New Home

To truly appreciate a move, one must first understand that moving is not like changing jobs or apartments. Moving is life-changing and once you have moved, you can never go back. Move your life forward with our moving company’s expert mover services when relocating your home or office. We guarantee to be one step ahead of your needs with all custom moving solutions and much more! Call us today for a free quote!

People Do Moves With Hand Trucks

Our handymen mover service is fully insured, trained, and willing to help in any way possible. With us, you can feel completely at ease with all aspects of your move. We promise to handle everything from start to finish. Choose our services for a more personal touch, affordable price, and unsurpassed professionalism. Please visit our website for a free quote or call us today!

Moving On Your Own?

Moving can be a stressful endeavor. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, why not hire a mover? Instead of hiring one company to pack your things and another to unpack them, save time and money by doing it all in one go. What’s more, hire a team that will take care of everything on your move day—so you won’t have to worry about those boxes taking up space in your living room! Your stress levels will thank you for hiring a moving service instead of doing it yourself..
On top of having professional movers come over and get everything ready for you, our services also include packing and unpacking your belongings as well as storing any items that aren’t going with you to your new home. No matter what type of job is required for your relocation, we are confident we can handle anything that comes our way.

Mission And Objective

As a departure from the usual moving company, we decided that having three owners allows us to better serve our clients, stay abreast of all moving assignments and be present and accountable for all of our client’s moving needs. In other words, we’re “hands on”.
We are proud of our Poindexter Family. We now employ over twenty talented and hard working folks in the Phoenix/Tempe area. We plan to add opportunities for even more hard working and motivated individuals in our marketplace as we continue our phenomenal growth.
We did not invent moving or logistics transport, however we recognize that our “difference” is in our people. We’re certain you’ll appreciate our “difference” and how that “difference” will take the stress out of your move.
At Poindexter Moving, we believe that being environmentally friendly should go hand in hand with getting your belongings moved.
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