About Our Company

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We three partners started our logistics, transport and moving careers in Southern California. Seeing the opportunity to grow a thriving business, we decided to relocate to the Tempe-Phoenix area and create a terrific business. Pooling our savings, we purchased our first truck. Now, we have four trucks in our fleet serving the greater Phoenix area with plans to add more trucks this year.

As a departure from the usual moving company, we decided that having three owners allows us to better serve our clients, stay abreast of all moving assignments and be present and accountable for all of our client’s moving needs. In other words, we’re “hands on”.

We are proud of our Poindexter Family. We now employ over twenty talented and hard working folks in the Phoenix/Tempe area. We plan to add opportunities for even more hard working and motivated individuals in our marketplace as we continue our phenomenal growth.

We did not invent moving or logistics transport, however we recognize that our “difference” is in our people. We’re certain you’ll appreciate our “difference” and how that “difference” will take the stress out of your move.